Cutting details based on clients’ drawings


The best technical capabilities, an experienced and reliable team, and continued attention to technical innovations in the field of metals have allowed us to partner with several leading companies in the machinery, metal and appliance industry since 2000. We cut, bend and thread metal details based on drawings provided by clients.

By using cutting-edge industry technology, we are able to compete with metalworking companies from all over the world. Currently, about 15% of our production is exported, while a large part of our production reaches foreign markets through cooperation partners.

The project titled “Baltic Steel Center OÜ resource efficiency investments 1” has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund

Brief summary of the project: By purchasing a waterjet cutting machine and an overhead crane, Baltic Steel Center OÜ will make its production more resource efficient. Thanks to the project the company’s products will be manufactured with reduced resource usage and increased resource productivity. The purchase of a waterjet cutting machine and an overhead crane will make the production process more effective and enable the capability for increasing the production volume.

Project goal and result: The goal of the project is to achieve improved usage of resources and raise the level of resource productivity. The project will result in an increased volume of production of aluminium items. The project will result in improved usage of electricity, aluminium, water and sand.

Grant sum: 200 000 €

Call for tenders

In association with increasing the capacity and effectiveness of it’s production Baltic Steel Center OÜ hereby announces the following tender:

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Automatic Storage System (tender offer submitting deadline 03.04.2023 15.00 GMT +3 (Estonian time), installation must be completed in 12 months from signing the contract).

For additional information, please register to the tender in the Estonian E-Procurement Register (reference number 261793)
The project is being supported by the Recovery and Resilience Fund (project number
This is not a public procurement defined by the Public Procurement Act. However, the tender process follows the principles of the Estonian Public Procurement Act§ 3.



The foundation of BSC OÜ, which is a company based on Estonian capital. We started work with a waterjet cutting machine produced in Sweden by WaterJet Sweden.


As work volumes increased, we purchased another three-axis waterjet cutting machine with a 3×6-metre table.


Our break-through year as we opened a new production building in Sinikivi industrial park in Rae rural municipality near Jüri. This significantly boosted our working conditions, and we were able to improve our efficiency thanks to the location. At the same time, we also invested in new equipment and introduced laser cutting (Amada LC 3015 X1 NT) and metal bending (Amada HFT 170.4) into our range of services. The investment totalled 20 million Estonian kroons at the time.


Due to increasing work volumes, we once again invested into production equipment. This time, the investment amounted to €800,000. We purchased a new laser cutting machine Bystar L4025-65 with a 2.5×6 metre tables, as well as press brake Bystronic Xpert 320. Both machines have the capacity to process larger details as they constitute world-class technology that allows our clients to successfully compete for orders all over the world.


We replaced the Bystar laser cutting bench with another fibre laser cutting machine Bystronic BySprint Fiber 6520 with a 2×6.5 m table. Cutting-edge technology to support faster cutting.